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Second Line cover

So my roommate and I are desperately trying to decide who it is that's supposed to be portrayed on the cover of Second Line.  Our idea we're currently sitting at is the Ricky is the one on the right squatting down and that he's chilling there with some hobo.  Because there is no one we can think of that we picture as a fat old dirty man.

But ya, anyone know/have other ideas of who it might be on the cover?
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Funded relief efforts?

Not sure which area to post these days...

Being an animal lover of all kinds, I'm sickened as much as the locals are to see what's going on with the coastal wildlife. I want to help. I want to be down there, collecting eggs to put in a hatching box, scrubbing off a turtle or pelican with anti-goop (woolite?) and seeing it placed for recovery and rehoming.

But, I have financial responsibilities, as we all do, like a house and bills, etc. Being in the process of starting a start-up, I have flexibility with my location and hours to the point of being able to "shut down" for awhile and be somewhere else. The sacrifice is that no income leads to bad things like foreclosure, and I'm really keen on keeping my house and babies.

Are you aware of any entities that are looking for paid volunteers to come and provide physical assistance? Obviously not a 6figure position, but enough to supplement loss of income to an extent.... If so, I'll be down on Tuesday! Maybe BP should be offering something like this - the only positive PR they'd be able to manage.


My sympathies, doc. Hugs & prayers for all of you. It's so hard to lose your pets..., especially when they're really family. I know yours are. It sounds like Greta had a blessed exit.

We had to put my beloved 17 yo Cain to sleep in October. His kidneys were failing; he'd begun to have seizures. He weighed under 4 pounds when he died. It wasn't unexpected, but I prayed & prayed not to have to make that call of "when". Damn, that bothered me. Still does.

I know you're no stranger to this kind of shock & Greta's loss is loss, period, but that quick, unknown part looks like a blessing from here. I wished & prayed so hard for that. As it is I'm still seeing him around here, for pete's sake. I just saw him yesterday. His was not a painless, quick, blessed ending. He hated the vet, so he was pissed at all of us for being there. Scared and mad, right to the end. I can't quite forgive myself for that.

Anyway. Big hugs to you all; quick does not = simple/painless. If you're still accepting donations, maybe you'd kindly post your cats-page or pay-pal link.


another bone-headed LJ policy announcement

I wanted to make sure people saw this while it may still be possible for the decision to be changed.

they're going to take away the option for "unspecified gender" in new account signups.

I don't like it. it's discriminatory, unnecessary, and it leaves people out!

I posted a comment over in the change announcement post and am encouraging anyone with a setting other than "(unspecified)" to change to that. tell your friends!

here's the post:

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