March 18th, 2008

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Congratulations, doc

I'm so happy for you that you've found someplace that gives you peace. We all seek connection with the divine, and I'm not convinced we get all that much choice in the manner in which it appears. You deserve happiness, I hope you find it.
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Hi Doc--

Congratulations on your decision to join the Church. I sincerely hope that taking these steps will go some way in helping you to regain some peace of mind and a lifting of your spirit.

I'm a lapsed Catholic myself, but I will occasioanally attend Mass (usually Christmas or a Mass for my deceased mother). I understand that there is something to be gained from such ritual and the interaction with others. It's very heartening to know that you have found a parish with a pastor who understands you and witholds judgement, instead offering you the solace that you need.

Blessings on your upcoming Baptism and best regards

Val & Debra
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Dear Dr. Poppy,

I firmly believe that everyone should have the right to choose the religion that best suits them, so long as they don't hurt anyone in the process.

Religion is far more about finding a place of comfort, about believing that something larger than oneself is out there, than about the actual Dogma.

I'm glad to hear you have embraced a Faith that helps you find comfort in a place where you are accepted for who you are. That is a wonderful thing -- one to be celebrated by others of all Faiths who believe the journey is far more important than the destination.

May your Faith and Higher Power bring you toward a place where pain is only a memory.

(a Pagan, but a religious-freedom enthusiast)
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I'm glad to hear you've found a path that can bring you some peace.  I am not Catholic, I'm not even Christian, but I know how that faith can bring comfort and well-being and I am glad to hear you've found a calling within yourself.  May it bring you serenity and help you work through all the things you've been going through.  Be blessed Poppy.


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It's weird, but since moving away from the metro area, I've become "homesick" for the Catholic church in New Orleans. They just don't do things "right" out here. I didn't really attend mass before moving away, it just always felt like the church was involved in everything anyway and sort of like it was going to church just by walking out your door. I miss that.

I always tell people I'm Catholic and they give me funny looks or make comments about pedophiles. They don't understand that, in the New Orleans metro area, being a Catholic isn't just about going to church and praying, it's a part of the culture. Things are just done differently. I can't explain it, but when I talk to "recovering" Catholics from anywhere else, their experiences are completely different and hardly have any fond memories. Almost all my memories with the church were fond ones. My dad only went to church because he and the priest were close and hung out at the bingo drinking beer. Father Bob (St. Mark's in Chalmette) called my dad "Colorado Koolaid" (They drank Coors). When my dad died, Father Bob didn't need to be asked to do the services for my dad's funeral and he wept as he did it. Father Dennis (OLPS in Chalmette) was always involved in the CYO and was easy to talk to. I never felt like I was preached to or judged. I never felt like I had to walk around saying "Praise Jesus" or anything like that. I never felt like I had to be anyone but me and that was ok with everyone.

Anyway, from some one who was confirmed 20 years ago, welcome.
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Peace and love and joy


Congratulations, and best of luck.

One of the reasons religion should be there is to make us better people. Personally, I've yet to feel that that was my path -- I'm trying other paths towards being better -- but you're on your path, the one you may need to be on, and, most importantly, it's the path you know you need to be on.

And we're there to support you. So is your parish. And I'm so glad you've found your parish, that the people who are a part of it have been there for you. You've been there for them, too; the impact of that might not be as obvious, but it is there. And it will continue to be there.

Find peace. Find love. Find joy. Keep being a force for good.

Chris Walsh
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Best Wishes

I hope you don't mind me saying that your decision sounds a bit like G-Man's ... embracing God and the Church's rituals, while letting some of the dogma slide on by.

Whatever your choices, I hope they bring you happiness and peace. I can't help but also hope they don't mean you'll eventually think less of the rest of us, or abandon writing about the characters I've grown to love so ... but you come first ... you can't be anything good to anyone else if you aren't happy with yourself.

Best wishes and all good things to you and Chris, the kitties, and all your loved ones. %-)

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I'm really happy you seem to have found something that takes you to a calming place, and also that you've realized you can share whatever you want,and the vast majority of us will support that.
I truly wish I had the option to choose a religion when I was in a place to have the knowledge and fortitude to do so. Sadly, for me, I was raised weirdly...a Catholic and Pagan mix...go figure how to balance *that* as a kid. I'd always loved the pageantry and ritual of high mass as a kid...then along came BAD PRIEST.
Suffice to say there are times I really miss certain parts of Catholicism, despite parts of the dogma I can't agree with...
Who knows...maybe someday...
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I've discussed here before how, despite my problems with certain Catholic dogma, the celebration of Mass allows me to access a peaceful place inside myself in a way that nothing else does. I need to be a part of something larger than myself, and I know this is what I need now.

We all need to get to that peaceful place; classical music reliably does it for me. I'm pleased for you, that you've found this path.