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PZB Fans

Leaning toward the newer stuff: LIQUOR et al.

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Poppy Z. Brite fans
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A place for fans of Poppy Z. Brite's work to talk about the recent works, good food, birds, and other interesting things.

A Few Rules:
1) This is NOT a slash community. If you wish to post slash, any kind of fanfic, or fan art, please do it somewhere else.

2) No Spamming

3) This is not a community for ranting about the lack of Any characters that have appeared in previous PZB works.
*Amended to include this community is also not for lamenting the passing of "Gothic Romance", unless it is done as a critical analysis of some kind.

4) This is NOT PZB's journal, nor am I (the moderator) PZB.

5) Discussions about posts made by PZB in her journal docbrite are encouraged. However, while members of all dietary persuasions are welcome, this is not a very good place to post vegan propaganda, anti-foie gras rants, etc. You can do it if you want, but PZB will refuse to engage with you on the grounds that she is a dedicated culinary hedonist who is sick of arguing about it, and other posters will inevitably mock you.

6) This community was created to be a forum for discussion on the newer works of PZB. Although we love the older work (Lost Souls, Drawing Blood, etc.), there are other communities created for those works.

7) Questions that could easily be answered by perusal of the author's homepage, and or questions that will never be answered, will result in an angry mod.

8) While critical discussion of PZB's work is welcomed here, please do not use this community to post ugly things people have said about PZB. Even if you're only doing it to point and laugh at them. Even if you put it under a cut. Even if you think she has "a right to know about it." Nobody wants to hear it, least of all PZB herself, who does read and participate here. (If you find a case of copyright infringement, however, such as someone's having reposted PZB's work without acknowledgment or permission, please do feel free to bring it to her attention. Unlike simple nastiness, she can do something about this and will be grateful for your help.)

Please respect these rules. Anyone violating these rules will be asked to stop, or deleted.

This community is moderated by me a.k.a. weshootstars

and Maintained in my absence by recalcitrant

This is a moderated-membership community, but we will make every effort to approve your membership request as quickly as possible.

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